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Below are details for previous and ongoing projects.

A Minor Dischord

Cover Art

This was my first attempt at creating a coherent 'album' where all the tracks fit together under a single unifying sound, whilst still maintaining variation in both the sound and the actual musical notes played. There are a number of 'large' layered sections, permeated with synth leads, experimental guitar noise, sweeping pads, and some massive delays.

The original CD version includes two or three extra tracks from bands I played in or projects I worked on at the time, in addition to the five fixed album tracks.



I started working on 'Trains' after a friend asked me to create a suite of music inspired by rail travel. The album consists largely of block-chord progressions, electronic synthesized bass and rhythmic experimentation. It is also mixed to have a very large, reverberant, and dirty sound.
Most of the tracks segue and cross-fade and produce a constantly running, moving soundscape. Just like traveling on a train.