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My main setup consists of a Korg Radias rack module, paired with a Korg Karma music workstation.

I use the Radias for pretty much everything, but it particularly excels at complex evolving pads and soundscapes, analog leads and basses, agressive distorted sounds, and electric pianos.

I mainly use the Karma (replacing my TR61) for acoustic sounds such as piano, guitar, and strings/orchestral timbres, although I also use it for some more digital sounding leads and pads. I am just discovering the possibilities opened up by using the KARMA modules to trigger the Radias' sounds over MIDI.

In the studio I record using Cubase Studio 4 and an Alesis MultiMix12 Firewire audio interface and mixer. I also use the Reaktor modular software synthesizer on my Macbook.

Additional gear I use includes a Korg MS2000B, Electribe ESX-1, AX3000B bass multi-FX, Washburn A-10 electric, and a Steinberger Spitit bass guitar.