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I took up bass guitar at the age of 15. I soon found that I was always playing with effects and quickly realised that the bass guitar would never provide the extensive palette of sounds I was looking for, so I turned to synthesizers.

Not content with merely playing keys, my passion is synthesizer programming and general sound design. I am regularly creating new patches for all of my synths. I ensure that each part has its own unique sound tailored specifically to fit in each song.

My interest in keyboards started with progressive rock, however after the first band I played in disbanded I decided to explore more diverse genres that I could create on my own using the instruments I already had.

I now play keyboards in an electro-dance-rock band called Pattern Beyond Random (formerly Bristol band Sentients), as well as producing my own experimental, ambient, and occasionally more upbeat electronica and 'soundtrack music'. I often enjoy collaborating with a select few musicians on such projects.